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okay, so how do we escape Waterfall pollution?

babushka -

i get what you mean, @staff. i get it. a lot of negativity on tumblr starts when someone deeply affected by the issue writes about it before even thinking, in the most passive-aggressive way possible. and before op blinks, it gets spread like wildfire. sooner or later no normal posts are left because it's easier to anger or guilt trip people into interacting than to actually talk to them. not to mention discourse blogs and hate blogs, specifically created to spread negativity, with urls aka "your-fave-hates-you". this is awful. i get it. 

but at the same time, you can't just... Make people cancel out negative emotions?

According to a scientific documentary "Inside Out" about five emotions living in human brain, most of the emotions all human feelings are based on are negative! fear, anger, disgust, sadness. no one wants to see it all day in a row, i get it. but that's why tags exists. that's why readmores exist. that's why dnr's exists. no one wants their vents to spread. it's, like, the opposite of that. a proper tagging system, blacklist system and website features really do good in this and protect us. Vent blogs are a matter of personal use, not notes collection. I could elaborate on that later maybe

We, as a waterfall, are doing pretty well so far. No one is posting guilt trippy stuff about politics or world news pressuring us into reblog it. I can't see any hate blogs, critical blogs or even hate tags. Most people even understand that sometimes it's much more productive to directly ask you to change stuff without being vague and salty all over the place. But people also feel negative emotions, all of them do. You are angry at your bugs, people are upset about other things. 

And i find it cool that we are living breathing human beings, not some identical smiley masks we put on our faces, and i kinda hope it stays that way. 

(All it takes to maintain a welcoming environment if you are not an ashhole is to think for like two minutes before you type. Come on, waterfall...)

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