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slick -

I wish there was a scientific way to explore spiritual stuff. This would make alien lore so much easier for me.

theory -

Spirituality, religion and the like likely first formed with the basis of like. Early mans explanations for thigns they could not explain, that we can now explain using science. And also you can use the science of psychology to explain why people Still believe in sucgh things.

slick -

All of this is very true... hmmm... time to google search "how to use anthropology to figure out spirituality and beliefs"

theory -

Like if you're trying to make lore for ur characters u can sorta think of it the same way humans did if u want it to be similar

> being cant understand why x event would happen
> being cant find any reason why due to lack of science
> being tries to find a reason
> being determins its a higher power
> this puts beings mind at ease as now they "understand" it

Like humans are always looking for answers and we reach those answers even without all of the evidence. Some of the things written in holy texts or ancient books can be explained today by science. A good example is the solar eclipse mentioned in the bible (I can't remember when but when Jesus was crificied or came back or something like that). The people back then, if this event happened, wouldn't know what a solar eclipse was. To them, the sky went dark and the sun went out. The only way they could explain it and be at peace would be that it was God who had done it. Or how people believed volcanic eruptions meant the gods were angry with them.

If you looked into the scientific explanations as to why humans always want answers for things, and the psychological benefits of it, you can sorta. Explain why such belief systems might exist.

Even most religions have a common theme of an afterlife. This theme allows for humans to cope better with the concept of death. Which means they can be at peace during their life.

It's stuff like that you can look into and explain?

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